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#BetterSolutions by DCT

#BetterSolutions by DCT

What does it mean better solutions by DCT? Complete Cleaning Solutions. We have cleaning processes for all existing cleaning applications in the electronic assembly including PCB cleaning, cleaning of stencils, misprints and squeegees, maintenance cleaning, conformal coating cleaning, manual cleaning and under stencil cleaning. Our customers are well-known companies from the automotive industry, medical industry, aerospace, and many others, where electronics is key. We develop and produce high-quality cleaning systems, cleaning chemistry and process control devices since 2001. We have 20 years of experience on the market. 100% Responsibility for the Cleaning Processes All our cleaning fluids are tested in our cleaning systems. Because of that, we guarantee the compatibility of our products and the functionality of the whole cleaning process. Premium Quality Cleaning Agents To provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning agents, we only use the best and purest materials. We care about the ecology → we do not use any halogen compounds, our chemistry is fully biodegradable and all our cleaning fluids are compliant with RoHS and REACH standards(LOGA!!!). Premium Quality Cleaning Systems We produce cleaning systems completely from stainless steel because it has long-term advantages. The reason is simple – stainless steel is the most durable material, thanks to which our cleaning systems are reliable and with long service life. All DCT cleaning systems are made In-house in the European Union according to the highest standards. Because we are sure about the quality of our products, we provide the longest warranty on the market. Technical and Economic Improvements With each project, we strive to make your cleaning processes more effective, simpler, and more cost-effective. R&D and Customization Our R&D team always focuses on your specific cleaning needs to provide you with the most suitable and effective cleaning solutions. Demo Centres Worldwide We bring our customers the possibility to test our cleaning solutions almost anywhere in the world. We have the biggest network of demo centres worldwide on the market. Direct Process and Service Support Our customers have process and service support in 36 countries from our distributors, including installations, technical service inspections, repairs, or maintenance of the cleaning systems. DCT means innovations, quality, and customer care. Get your better solutions! Start with visiting our website www.
Viscom Inspection
Viscom Inspection
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"Our partnership with BarTron has proved invaluable to Saline Lectronics. Their professional team represents a portfolio of only leading-edge vendors who offer the latest and greatest technology available in electronics manufacturing. I’ve come to rely on BarTron for manufacturing solutions that are ideal for my production needs."

Jason Sciberras, Saline Lectronics

“BarTron has supported me through several major equipment purchase and is a team that I can rely on for great support. They help me select the right equipment and options that fit my requirements. They continue to provide support through the delivery and installation. The BarTron team continues to check in and make sure I am satisfied with the equipment and support because to them, it is not just a sale, it is a partnership you can count on.”

Josh Verkamp, Excelitas

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